Pelletier Builders designed and built a 4,100 square foot, two-story office addition and added 24,300 square feet of manufacturing space for Aero Gear, a manufacturer of gears and gearbox assemblies for the aerospace industry in Windsor, CT.

Unlike some of our pre-fabricated metal building designs, these additions were conventionally framed steel structures with columns, beams, and a bar joist roof with EPDM rubber roofing.

We provided the expertise, design, and construction of the masonry shaft to fit the specifications of the elevator that serviced the second story.

In the office space, we installed ribbon windows with large expanses of glass for optimum natural light. The office space also featured triangular sky lights, and a custom-built stainless steel and glass staircase.

The Epoxy floor surface on the manufacturing floor created a clean working space and reflected natural light which made the building more energy efficient.