In 2016, Conval Inc., a manufacturer of high-pressure forged steel valves, located in Somers for 50 years, decided to move its headquarters to allow for expansion.

Conval purchased an existing building in Enfield that offered 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 15,000 square feet of office space but needed substantial renovations before it was ready to be occupied. Conval brought in an architect and a structural engineer to consult on the project, and contracted Pelletier Builders to do the work.

The biggest problem was the concrete floor. The building’s concrete slab had structural issues and needed to be completely replaced. Pelletier Builders did the site work, removing all the concrete in the building as well as the bad soil and unsuitable material under the structure, then pouring approximately 2,000 yards of concrete for the new slab.

Pelletier formed and poured a 24” machine foundation, then poured an 8” slab around that machine foundation in a 50,000 square foot factory floor.

In the office space, Pelletier put in new ceilings, woodworking, a new kitchen area, and brought the bathrooms into ADA compliance.