Fellowship Church located in Middletown, CT, is a diverse and growing parish that is updating their worship space and other facilities to meet parishioners’ needs. The first phase of Pelletier Builders’ project for Fellowship Churches updates included: removing an older building from the site; complete renovation of the exiting Youth Building; resolving on-site drainage issues and creating new larger parking areas along with other exterior site improvements.

Pelletier Builders took the existing 10,000 sq. ft. Youth Building and split the interior in half with a 30-foot high divider wall. The tall wall was a vital part of the building because it allows one section to be used as two-story space and the other half to be used at a full ceiling height.

The in the tall open areas, the team created a visual barrier between the lower sections and the upper sections of the room by painting the upper half of the walls and the ceiling, including fixtures and duct work flat black. While the lower walls were painted in warm, inviting colors and use light wood finishing to create a feeling of intimacy in the otherwise open space.

The newly divided building features a performing arts auditorium with its own sound system, a large breakout space, a coffee nook, new multi-occupancy restrooms, a double balcony, and a large outdoor patio. The patio features colored, patterned concrete for a more visual flair and will eventually include a fire pit. Fellowship Church parishioners will enjoy the new youth building for years to come. It contains everything they need to entertain groups and host functions year-round.