Pelletier Builders constructed a new manufacturing facility for Forrest Machine, LLC, a producer of small machined components for aerospace and commercial industries in Rocky Hill, CT, from the ground up.

The new facility was designed for peak efficiency and ease in maintenance. All of the building’s systems can be controlled remotely via tablet or laptop, allowing the owner to adjust lighting and temperature to coordinate with changes in shift schedules.

The custom glass conference room has automatic lighting and is sensitive to available light coming through the glass walls from the windows.

The manufacturing space has reflective epoxy floors, light colored surfaces, and passive lighting through skylights to reduce energy use.

The carpet in the office areas is made up of squares that can be pulled up for replacement in case of damage, without having to remove an entire floor area. Along with providing easy maintenance, the squares can be installed in a variety of patterns, giving detail to the space design.

All of the restrooms, including those in the manufacturing space, have half tile walls for easy cleaning and prevention of wall damage.

The loading dock area features the same decorative surface to create a finished look, as customers and vendors driving in have a view of that part of the building. This area features aluminum rails. Pelletier uses aluminum rather that painted or coated steel railing, to prevent rust and the need for future maintenance.