Prismatic skylights at SPIROL International let in ample natural light as seen above.

SPIROL International, a global manufacturer of fastening solutions, needed to add to its North American headquarters in Danielson, Connecticut, due to a significant increase in sales volume.

In 2014 SPIROL announced plans for a major expansion to its Connecticut operations, and contracted Pelletier Builders to construct a new 36,000-square-foot addition to increase its manufacturing and inventory space.

One of the most unique things about the SPIROL project, which was completed in 2016, was the use of “daylighting” with prismatic skylights. Daylighting involves allowing natural sunlight into a building using diffused skylights, significantly reducing the need for electric lights and saving energy costs.

Pelletier Builders installed 43 prismatic skylights in the roof to let natural light into the SPIROL manufacturing facility.

Pits for heat equipment at Spirol International

Pits for heat treat equipment at Spirol International